“Holistic living everyday” is a program, which fits to the needs of a demanding and fast growing, global world. More and more people are struggling with work, economical pressure and personal problems. Stress, burnout, depression, diabetes and weight gain are only a few issues more and more people are dealing with. Dr. Katharina J. Peters and Sarah-Louise Halcour, both experts in their fields, will teach you how to involve healthy behaviours in your daily regimen and busy lifestyle. It`s all about frequency and staying motivated. You can do it!

Created by Brett Hoebel.
Celebrity trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser Season 11.

Happiness Through Lifestyle

Our Lifestyle programs are Personality Development, Spiritual Experience, Happy Family and Relationships.

Happiness through Yoga

We offer various programs in yoga such as  Lose Weight with Yoga, Get started with yoga, and Yoga for the modern man.

Happiness through Meditation

Our Meditation programs are Get Started with Meditation, Teenagers and Meditation, Tips to Reduce Anger.

Happiness through Fitness

By combining HIIT workouts with Functional Exercises and Cardio-Strength Training, your body can safely progress from zero to 60 without injury and less muscle soreness*—two of the main reasons why people quit training.

Happiness through Nutrition

Proper nutrition that you actually enjoy and will cook, is more than half the challenge when getting in-shape. My program includes delicious recipes and healthy nutrition tips that will help you go lean, green and clean. With either your own bodyweight or minimal equipment.

Happiness through Music

Music is the soul of body, by using music we can create an effect in human mind which can bring positivity and energy of life. Explore our different type of music session to create happiness .

Happiness through Dance

Dance is an art which can create a real happiness of soul if it is meant for yourself only, you can create your own world and imagine effective through the various steps of Dance. Learn different options of dance to get the real happiness of life.